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Can Facebook Marketing really help my business grow?

Most definitely! Having an online presence on social media like Facebook helps you build brand awareness, increase your audience, and connect easily with customers online. 


Facebook is the top social network worldwide, and one of the most visited websites in Singapore. And 2019, a case study reported that there are an estimated 4.3 Million active Facebook users in Singapore.

What does this mean for businesses? This data clearly shows that THERE'S POTENTIAL for you to reach out to people and promote your business on SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook.

SMM Benefits for Business

Increased Brand Awareness

Your social media page can increase brand recognition.

New Opportunities

Regular posts and updates on your social media page are an opportunity for new customers to engage & convert.

Get Additional Inbound Traffic

Adding your website link or business contact details is another for customers to reach your business.

Gain Brand Loyalty

Brands that engage on social media channels enjoy higher loyalty from their customers.


Setting up a profile is easy and you can run an advertising campaign on a small budget.


Business Analysis

Competition research and market analysis

Content planning

Social media and campaign preparation

Social channels management and ads setup

Ads monitoring

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