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Why is Digital Marketing Important to Your Business?

Why is Digital Marketing Important to Your Business?

Marketing has gone digital and more consumers are online. With digital marketing, your business can immediately reach customers cost-effectively and measurably.

Why is Digital Marketing Important to Your Business?

Growth opportunity for
small businesses

Establish brand

Reach more



Connect with
mobile consumers

Engage with
target audience


Compete with
other businesses

Ensure online
business survival

SEO Case Studies

Discover how these featured local Singapore businesses find organic SEO success with QRMART Digital.
Increase in Page 1 Ranked Keywords. Gains a 500% Uplift in Monthly Leads
o's green living
Improved Search Visibility.
Increased SEO Traffic by 77%.
Seo case study #1

ARIAN corporation is a Singapore-based Engineering company and distributor of accessibility & mobility equipment for the physically challenged.

Breaking into the Singapore & Malaysia market would be immensely important to their success.


The results speak for themselves.

My website's online presence has incredibly grown when I signed up for QRMart Organic SEO Services. The SEO team did an amazing job at ranking my keywords on Google first page. Because of this, my web traffic has increased and they are bringing in more leads to our business.

Rosaline Yap


How ARIAN Increase in Page 1 Ranked Keywords and Gains a 500% Uplift in Monthly Leads
1. Starting Point

Initial 6 months of doing SEO for the website already helped to stabilized incoming website visitors.

2. Solution

Our SEO team implemented additional On-page SEO strategies to push mobility and accessibility equipment keywords higher in Search Results to improve organic visibility of the website. Somewhere along the way, we had to do a major website update that slightly affected the trend, BUT peaked up sooner.

3. Results
  • Main target keywords ranked in Page 1 of Google Search results
  • Increase in web traffic
  • Major improvement in monthly leads generation from multiple distribution channels which main source comes from Organic Search
Seo case study #2

O' Green Living is a One-Stop Gardening Supplies Store in Singapore.

The company's growth online and getting their brand recognized will make a significant impact to their business.


Amazing results! Our website ranks in the top position of Google First Page Results when people search using relevant keywords, and our business or site name.

The SEO team is adding-value to the service and are very detailed on the SEO reports to I can understand fully how the SEO helped my website to get leads.

Benson Tan


How O' Green Living Improved Search Visibility & Increased SEO Traffic by 77%
1. Starting Point

When we started working with O' Green Living, the website is already generating a steady amount of traffic per month. The website is already ranking for few competitive keywords.

2. Solution

After doing SEO Analysis, we see that there is still room to optimize the site and the potential to improve it's organic status. During the initial months, our SEO team is maintaining the rankings of the website and at the same os adding-value to the website.

3. Results
  • Main target keywords ranked in Page 1 of Google Search results
  • SEO traffic increased by 77%
  • Organic Searches is the #1 source of website traffic with 74.2% shares

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