Most Common Challenges Faced by Fleet Operators

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Most Common Challenges Faced by Fleet Operators

As companies adapt to meeting customer satisfaction through deliveries, challenges may emerge along the way. Here are the most common challenges when managing a fleet.

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Most Common Challenges Faced by Fleet Operators

Looking to reduce fuel consumption and cost?

Fleet Management System will provide you report that will allow you to better understand your driver’s behaviors - if they are following the routes. Gain insights on the idle report to find out excessive idling and trip history report to understand if drivers are misusing your fleet after work hours. This will help you understand more the connection between fuel consumption & vehicle fleet usages, and how to save on fuel cost.

Need to plan multiple routes for delivery?

Some delivery systems have a route optimization feature that is designed to find the best possible route among multiple available routes for delivery. Route optimization focuses on finding the best route based on current traffic conditions, shortest path, and sequence of stops for the fleet for efficient planning.

Looking to find out where your drivers been and which vehicle they are using?

As the company is growing, more drivers will be coming to be part of the team, and managing all of them could be challenging. With a GPS tracker for cars installed in each of the company vehicles and a mobile app for drivers to sign in, fleet managers will gain insight on driver’s past routes traveled and driving habits.

Want to know where your drivers are when customers enquire?

Delays and other road issues are unavoidable and for these times, the customer may want to inquire in real-time about the status of delivery. Through GPS tracking, fleet managers can rely on the system to check the driver’s location and monitor the latest traffic condition. Necessary re-routes and other customer care will then take place.

How to get a notification when a fleet enters or exits a restricted zone/area?

If you want to restrict your fleet to a specific area of delivery, you could set up this geofencing feature in your system. This will send a notification on activities within the restricted zones or areas like time and date when your fleet enter/exit, and this will also be provided in the system report.

Looking to better manage your fleet and reduce duplicate efforts?

Streamline your process in a single platform with vehicle management, GPS car tracking, customer contact, and reports to improve efficiency and productivity. Getting an all-in-one vehicle management system in place will definitely be the solution to the challenges.

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